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Corporate Reports

Corporate Reports

We publish the following Corporate Reports:

  • Strategy Statements set out the high level goals and objectives for the Department. They also set out the strategies we will use to achieve these goals and objectives.
  • Annual Reports detail the Department’s activities for the particular year and report on the progress made towards implementation of our Statements of Strategy.
  • Governance Framework sets out the key principles, structures, policies, procedures and control mechanisms in place to support the Department in realising its mission to “facilitate individuals through learning, to achieve their full potential and contribute to Ireland’s social, cultural and economic development”.
  • Irelands Education and Training Sector, Overview of Service Delivery and Reform provides information on the range of education and training reform initiatives active across the sector.
  • The Organisational Review Programme (ORP) is a public service modernisation initiative under the auspices of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (previously under Department of the Taoiseach). The ORP involves the undertaking of assessments of the capacities of individual government departments and major offices to meet the challenges ahead. The review of the Department of Education and Skills is published in the ORP Third Report, available here: Third Report of the Organisational Review Programme: Department of Education and Skills
  • Croke Park Agreement / Haddington Road Agreement - The changes proposed by the Department and the education sector to achieve efficiencies and savings under the Croke Park Agreement are set out in Action Plans accessible here. Details of actual savings, costs avoided, improved and reformed services and internal efficiencies are set out in the progress reports.

Financial Reports

  • Estimates will provide details and related material in connection with the financial allocations for Vote 26: Education & Skills as contained in the Budget Estimates and the Revised Estimates Volume (REV) which are normally published in December and February each year.
  • Financial Reports include information on performance budgeting (previously Annual Output Statements), National Training Fund, European Social Fund and European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.
  • Prompt Payment Returns - quarterly returns showing the Department's performance in meeting the new administrative requirement for a 15 day payment period to suppliers. Returns are also published for bodies under the aegis of the Department.
  • Payments greater than €20,000 - quarterly report showing Department of Education & Skills Payments of €20,000 or over
  • Expenditure on Consultancy - Annual reports showing details of expenditure on consultancy by the Department.


The Policy Statement on procurement and the Guiding Principles underpins procurement undertaken in the Department. The Department's policy on procurement is being revised to include centralised procurement arrangements and the introduction of revised EU and National Guidelines being implemented from April, 2016.

Link to details of current tenders over €25,000 which will also display awarded tenders/contracts. A list of awarded contracts will be published from quarter 3, 2016 following ICT development.