Finding Circulars

Using Advanced Search to find Department Circulars

To find a Department Circular, click the Circulars button and enter the circular number in the "with all of the words" field as follows: 

  • for circulars published since 2006 enter the circular number followed by / and the full year e.g.  96/2007
  • for circulars published prior to 2006 enter the circular number followed by / and the last two digits of the year e.g. 02/98

If you do not know the circular number you can enter some search words in the "with all of the words" field or enter a phrase into the "with the exact phrase" field.

To find all circulars for a particular year, enter /yyyy (post 2006) or /yy (pre 2006) in the "with the exact phrase" field.

Click the Search button. See shot below:

Website Search Screen Shot

Search Results

Don't forget to click the Circular button as shown above, otherwise the search will return all items of content meeting your criteria. The title of each item returned in the results is a hyperlink. Click on the title to open the item.

Each circular returned will show a Details button. Click on this to see further information e.g.

  • Author/Owner: Section in the Department that deals with this. See our section contacts.
  • Sector: Relevant Education Sector
  • Reference Number: Circular number
  • Effective From: date
  • Effective To: date
  • Succeeding: A link to earlier circulars that have been replaced by this one
  • Preceding: A link to a circular that has replaced this one.

Further help

If you cannot find the information you need you may contact us by email at